Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Another guest post, today brought to you by Nathaniel our dear friend's son

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aweesan said...

I found out the strangest thing one day, while riding my mtn bike with friends up at Mt. Laguna. *Yes, this actually has to do with tree bark!

I was told that if I get really close to the bark of the trees, it smelled like butterscotch. I didn't believe it and asked if the Snipe Hunting would ensue following my "sniff".... they Sniffed it and said, no really, it is. I very skeptically acquiesed... and it actually smelled sweetly, like butterscotch!!

This is what the picture reminded me of :) Thanks so much for that happy thought, NJ!

p.s. I'll determine which tree it was so you don't look strange (like in febreeze commercials) while sniffing trees... (or like you've hung out with dogs too often...)