Friday, October 10, 2008

Tales from the Pen, part 3: lessons I've learned

1) Pepper spray, when deployed indoors, affects EVERYONE in the room. No exceptions.

2) Offenders are much more amenable to correcting their behavior when one is carrying a 3lb, 14inch tray-slot bar.

3) It is impossible for an offender to hang himself by knotting a sheet onto a door at shoulder height then draping said sheet around his neck.

4) Offenders get their feelings hurt when you call them drama queens and take their sheets away from them.

5) G2 offenders (low custody level) cry like cub scouts with skinned knees when you write them up for mouthing off in front of a trainee.

6) The phrase "No rec for you" is very gratifying.



Train Wreck said...

Ok this must be the hubbys blog! I was a little worried as to why wifey would know this stuff! The first one cracks me up! Please tell me that's not from personal knowledge!

Death before Decaf! said...

Yep, this is my blog, not my wife's although she does post on it from time to time.

And sadly, yes, I know the first one from personal experience.