Friday, February 22, 2008

No excuses, but you do get a bonus rant!

I'm going to state this in as simple and unadorned terms as possible.

What the hell is wrong with employers/companies/head-hunters out here?

Of my myriad contacts, leads, and interviews since arriving in Texas (it's been almost a year and a half, for those of you not keeping track of such things) I have not had a SINGLE company or agent get back to me post interview.

Not one.

No calls from placement/head-hunter agencies saying how the prospective employer has gone with another applicant.

No calls or even courtesy emails from HR departments, hiring managers, or recruiters stating they appreciated my time and interest.

I've met with product development teams, product/project managers, hiring staff, interview teams, even executives. I've had interviews at corporate offices in Durham, NC, temporary offices in downtown San Antonio, and conference rooms in airport area hotels, not to mention over a dozen phone interviews.

Not one follow-up.

Not one courtesy notice.

Not one.

And you companies out here really don't think you need a technical writer with enough process writing and closed-loop experience to fill a Bible?

You really might want to reconsider that stance. If not me, consider hiring someone else who might help you to develop some kind of closed loop for outside hiring practices. It's part of the corporate hiring process these days (you know, for the last few decades) and all the other companies are doing it. You might want to give it a fair shake.