Thursday, July 17, 2014


Lancelot or Galahad,
Tripping on my own good deeds,
Scruples that I wish I had,
Slave to passion and to creed,

Lonely heart and blackened hands,
Fragile magic in my soul,
Wandering her hallowed lands,
Fighting long against this role,

Ruby lenses long since gone,
Shattered in a lovers' war,
Shameful heartache dogs my step,
Trust is broken evermore,

Hopes and dreams all count for naught,
Without facing what I've wrought.


Running aground so hard on your shore,
Aching to touch you wanting you more,

Drinking your lust from those silken lips,
Breathing you in and tasting in sips,

Falling so far in wells of your eyes,
Reaching so deeply to claim your prize,

Brushing my hands and raking your skin,
Drown in your heat to start it again.


Day 1 fresh and bright
Tighten boots and fight the fight,
Day 2 going strong
With my brothers all day long,
Day 3 burning low
Suit them up and end the show,
Day 4 get it done
By shift's end the team has run.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Found something I had misplaced...

Writing has always been a part of my life. From the fanciful creative writing projects in grade school, to angst-riddled poems of high school, to the more mature prose and verse of college and after... But I stopped. Not writing, but trying. I stopped trying to express myself through writing. I stopped sharing. It's time to begin again.