Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer of Hope

Hope is not historically one of my favorite words.

Despite numerous pleasant associations, namely Star Wars episode IV A New Hope, countless poems of merit featuring hope as a theme, and the very definition itself, I have often likened hope that passive, wishful thinking sort of optimism which, when exposed to it, has generally left me wondering "Well, it's awfully nice that you are hoping for X, Y, or Z...but what are you actually doing to attain it?"

That said, (and with a sentence that verges on Faulknerian in length) I find myself tending a certain number of hopes for this summer that is more or less upon us.
I hope that Evie enjoys the great summer vacation my mother has planned for her. Evie had a wonderful 2nd grade school year. She has grown tremendously, in maturity as well as height, and certainly deserves a break. This summer will include her first time flying alone, her first time attending an overnight camp (the same camp I attended for 8 years), as well as a host of other camps and activities. I imagine she will come back taller and more savvy than ever, to say nothing of tanner from trips to the poolside and beach. We have worked all year long to tend our level-headed yet still impish, leggy flower and I send her off knowing she's capable of handling herself.
I hope I'm going improve my work situation this summer, whether that entails a return to the classroom (hurray I have my teaching credentials again), a correctional position closer to home, or something else entirely. One of the steps in this process will be going back onto shift (12 hour days, 4 on, 4 off) to free up weekday job-hunting opportunities and avoid an atrocious new schedule at my current position. While the long-term goal is getting myself back into teaching, I am realistic enough to realize are other options to consider in the short term, so long as they involve an end to this horrid and wasteful commute I've endured for over 2 years.
I'm also hoping Michelle and I are going to use the kid-free summer to get some quality "us" time. While one might assume that's a forgone conclusion with Evie away in CA, history has proven otherwise. I've been coming up with a list of activities for the two of us, ranging from daily mundane stuff (evening swims) to more exotic adventures (Michelle mentioned kayaking and I want us to take the Jeep off-roading).

As I said, I'm not really one for the pinning of hopes, but there you have it. For lack of a better word, my three hopes for this summer.

Meet you at the 50!