Friday, October 24, 2008

My 1st bento attempt

So our friend Anna very sweetly gave our dd a bento box for her birthday after hearing me express an interest in delving into the Anime fetishist world of Bento. She not only sent a gorgeous little pink bento set garnished with ladybugs, but also a host of bento-crafting accessories.

I have just made my first bento lunch for our dd and every facet of the end product is due largely to the interest, guidance, and support from Anna and my dw.

Thanks ladies!

So the lunch, for those curious, consists of a steamed rice bear, pb&j sushi rolls, and fruit cuts (apple stars and nectarine flowers). I know it's not exactly a sterling example of creative bento goodness, but in my defense, it was a last minute attempt with what we had on hand.

the bear (with little soy sauce bottle)

the sushi rolls and fruit

the whole lunch (minus the drink)

packaged up and ready to go in its bag


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