Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Re: the Hero Poll

Let's break down the four choices listed:
Barak Obama
Rosie O'Donnell
Kenneth Copeland
Scrat, the saber-toothed squirrel

Obama - Let me say for the record that Obama has 3 things going for him in my book. One, he's a Democrat and the recent, craptastic Republican presidents have soured even a goodly number of moderates on the "Red" party. Two, he's black, which will get him votes from some groups regardless of what he does or says. Three, he's against the war, which is simultaneously a popular sentiment and a dangerous one, politically speaking. Besides those 3 points of interest, Obama does NOTHING to hold my attention. I care not at all about the "Muslim background" stuff the religious wing-nuts keep bringing up. Nor do I feel o'erwhelmed by his promises of change bringing about a brighter future for America. He is simply another Democratic candidate. He received the party nod because Hillary had simply alienated too many people. Hardly a ringing endorsement.

Rosie - Well thankfully no one among my readership of 9 thought that self-righteous and inhumanely annoying cow could have been my hero in any way, shape or form. Rosie O'Donnell continues to exemplify for me exactly what is wrong with my home state of California. And no, in case any readers have just happened by and might misconstrue this point...my feelings have NOTHING to do with her sexual orientation. No, instead Rosie is a member of empowered, ridiculously over-exposed celebrity cult of personality that actually thinks it represents the vox populi of the average Californian.

Kenneth Copeland - This is actually a funny one, with a prison system anecdote no less. Up until this past Sunday I had no idea who this man was...as in, at all. I had brought the remote control into the day-room of the pod (prison-speaker for housing area) to turn on the TVs. I flipped on one, glanced at the man speaking and said: "Looks like a preacher". The offenders were shocked and amazed that I had no idea who this joker was. Their shock turned to moderate outrage when I told them exactly what I thought of mega-churches. I'm afraid that's all I've got on this guy. I refuse to even research him enough to see how much of a whacko he likely is because I really just don't care.

The only one I admire in any particular quantity would be Scrat the saber-toothed squirrel. First off, he's a cute rodent, and my almost 2 decade relationship with Wifey has led me to be moderately well-dispose to such creatures. Mostly though, I greatly admire his tenacity. Have you seen how this guy goes after his acorns? Now that's determination in the face of unending obstacles. He pursues them like Obama going after the young and dumb vote, Rosie after an opportunity to publicly stick one of those chubby feet in her mouth, or Copeland after a new BMW for Gloria. (Reverend, could I get one of those cute envelopes of yours? You know, the ones that state: "I am sowing $_____ and believing for a hundredfold return." I'd really like it for my files, although I'm not sure if it would go under "S" for Snake-Oil, or "F" for a Fool and his money.)

Hmm...I guess it didn't really take much research at all for me to decide I don't like that guy.

*Scrat for President in 2012!
*Scrat's Acorn-Whisperer talk/variety coming to a progressive channel near you!
*Reverend Horton-Scrat's Acorn Crusade, landing soon at your neighborhood Mega-Church!

Cheers all,


MichelleSG said...

Mmm,nothing like a boy and his tenacity for going after his acorns....

Death before Decaf! said...

Naughty girl!

AnnaM said...

Now I'm curious... How can Rosie display all that is wrong with Cali, when she lives in New York? And has for some time?

Yes, she was married in the state of California, however it is not her state of residence, or birth to my knowledge.