Saturday, September 27, 2008

Beagle asked the wifey to make a few changes

So bear with us during the re-decorating process. He wanted the girl's eyes in the banner, not possible in the last template so I randomly picked a new one. He'll have to give me the yes or no tonight when he comes home and sees it. There are a lot of other choices though so we'll see. Plus you never know what else he'll want me to add that may not wok with this template. Too many choices in today's world...have you gone shopping for peanut butter lately? Lordy...
Let us know what you think, opinions will be listened to!

Guest post brought to you by,
~the wifey with password privileges

1 comment:

aweesan said...

Love the color! It's one of my favorites!!!
Really brings out Evie's eyes too, even though they're right there... staring at you...