Saturday, March 15, 2008

Corrections Officer Academy, report 1


Back home after my first week and a half of academy.

My observations thus far.

1) Damn, but a lot of the trainees are young and dumb.

2) The Sergeants are a really cool collection of Corrections Officers.

3) The BOQs are filled with dust and mold.

4) DT (Defensive Tactics) is fun, and really lets you know who is out of shape.

5) The food on the unit is...certainly nourishing.

That's all for now,


m0to said...

You're probably the 'old guy' I bet. :-)

Sounds alot like the Army, but with better haircuts.

Kimberly said...

cant wait to hear some of the stories you will have :)

Alison said...

I agree (with Kimberly and J)!

Man, you will have some, *cough!* COLORFUL stories-- not just about the interesting human specimens that are jailed on charges but the LE lifestyle will breed some interesting anecdotes as well!

Just remember- keep your work life as separate as possible so that you:
a) keep a healthy perspective
b) can still laugh at this stuff and not take it seriously
c) and not become overly paranoid because you're subjected to this slice of human feces DAILY!

Just take it in stride like you always do and you'll be successful as well as be able to do it for a long time- with a smile :)

Love ya man!