Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm convinced, I need to get back into teaching

I'm so tired of this ridiculous schedule, paltry pay, and utter lack of future prospects offered by my current job.

I miss teaching.

I don't think I'll go back to teaching kindergarten, but I think it's high time I get back into the classroom.



MichelleSG said...

I love you, have I mentioned that lately? No? Unsurprised? It's ok, I understand. You are terribly stubborn but I still love you. And it's about fucking time you come back around.

aweesan said...

Hey B,

I can totally see that and think it'd be an excellent move. You're so intelligent and great with kids-- it's a shame such needed skills would be tied up in babysitting inmates. It'll probably feel much more worthwhile too :)

jenniferlove said...

Hi B,

I'm surprised that you ever got into the field you're in. Eight years ago, when we last spoke, had you told me that you were going to be doing what you're doing now I would have stared at you in disbelief. I have always been able to see you as a teacher, and you're very good with kids --- all those kids that you taught @ Archery. You're a natural.

Embrace your dreams.

My 3 guys all send their love.

Sonny Phono said...

Dude I would be so happy. As a writer I always looked up to you and I think as sad and frustrating the education system can be, you're needed there. Do it!!!

Life With Dogs said...

That's good to hear - too many are moving away from teaching!