Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh, and that most recent cell phone I discovered...

Neither of the two offenders/inmates/prisoner/oxygen-wasters admitted to ownership so they are BOTH getting charged with the crime. Incidentally, it's a felony to possess a cell phone on the premises of a Texas state penal institution, one that carries a 10 year sentence.

In case you all think I'm being unkind, one of these two was convicted of capital murder and the other of molesting multiple nieces and nephews.




aweesan said...

I may have missed the backstory, but unless they smuggle it in their keyster (w/c is generally uh, checked for contraband when entering the facility I'm guessing) did they get it from a family visit?? I mean, someone does a lousy search of the inmates! Glad you do a good job though and found it! ;-)

Bad. Men. Yep.

Death before Decaf! said...

Phones find their way onto the prison through numerous avenues, but most often:

1) They get mailed in to various departments and distributed by corrupt, piece of shit TDCJ employees.

2) They get smuggled in and distributed by corrupt, piece of shit TDCJ employees.

3) They get dropped off by offender family members, in the fields, and get picked up by offender tractor drivers.

aweesan said...

HAHAHA! Got it!!

POS TDCJ employees! Come on people... do you really feel like you need to get some street cred in TX?! X-D

That'd be a nice pinch if you found out who was providing the delivery services. Really nice!!!