Thursday, November 27, 2008

A good day at the prison (certainly not something I expected to ever say)

My last day on shift we responded to a tip about a mobile phone in the high-security housing pod I was working. We pulled the 2 offenders out, locked them in the passive rec yard and proceeded to shakedown their cell. We had pulled all of their property out of their lockers, carefully gone over it, and not really found anything of interest other than a clock-radio that looked like it had been modified.

I was shining my light into one of the little lockers and noticed the rear locker walls looked a little "off". I reached in and pushed a bit and found the back moved some.

"Um, Sarge? All these lockers have solid steel backs, right?"

[Sgt nodded]

"I think we've got something here."

I pushed a little harder against the back of the locker and it gave way/folded to reveal a hidden compartment. Behind the very cleverly designed false backs were a number of goodies/items of contraband, including not one, but 2 mobile phones, a homemade soldering iron, a charging cable, an improvised heating device, and numerous electronic bits/components.


I tell you, this may not be the best job in the world, but it certainly does have its moments.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Alanna said...

If only they'd be as innovative while outside of prison!