Thursday, November 1, 2007

New Joss Whedon project coming to Fox

This news is courtesy of Brenda:;_ylt=AlF65Td.SGt3pAVvHHadlCBxFb8C

It sounds intriguing.
While Eliza Dushku is far from my favorite from Whedon's cadre of actors and actresses, I'll definitely be watching, and spread the word.

After's Joss.

On a related note I'd like to remind any Joss fans out there to check out the Buffy season 8 comic series on Dark Horse. It's written by Joss and as such, is an indisputably awesome read for any fan of Joss's work and/or style.
Make sure you nab the outstanding Jo Chen covers!


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shanna said...

I don't like her, so it will be hard for me to watch it even if I do heart Mr. Whedon. I don't like that other one either... whatshername.. something really 'Your Mother Hated You, Huh?'.. Charisma.