Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hazy Shade of OMG I'm tired...

It's 10pm, we're just getting the kidlet to bed, after finishing (more or less) the cleaning of the house, after opening the birthday girl's presents, after having seen off seen off the last of the birthday party guests, after throwing a tolerably successful 6th birthday party for our daughter.

I am left with a few lasting impressions:

First off, my feet and throat are sore.

Second, we have a LOT of beer leftover. (Jay, time for a poker night)

Third and most importantly, we have made a lot of really great friends.

I just wrote some additional material that was chock full of my usual smartassery, but I deleted it. It was undercutting the main point of this post (other than our level of fatigue).

And that point is a simple one: we are fortunate to have met such good folk and are indeed rich in friendship.



Kimberly said...

I'll take some of that bear hon! :)

shanna said...

hot toddies for sore throats!

and heads...

and backs..

oh wait.. hot toddies for breakfast, every day!